Heat up your Summer Marketing

The summer season can be a lull depending on your business - your demand may be low. Here are some marketing tips to keep your business hot!

summer photos
Summer Fun

Be active on social media and take lots of photos!

It's beautiful this time of year, a great time to show off your brand, logo and employees. Get outside take pictures and share them with your audience there's no better time to engage with your network.

Don't stop there - encourage your customers to take pictures and share with your social media pages, you can even create a summer related hashtag or contest to get people involved.

Participate in the community

Summer is a great time for everyone to be outside - farmers markets, outdoor concerts, festivals and more! Sponsor an event and/or show up and be supportive. Remind the community your there and apart the community too! This is a great time to hand out swag, brochures, and meet people.

Pick summer themed promotional items

Whats better then your logo all over the beach or community pool? Or your logo on sunscreen on the baseball field. These items are a smart investment and something people grab first when heading out the door for summer fun!

Prepare for FALL!

Start early and start now. The more you build a strategy the better. If you are slow in the summer you can plan for the future and be ready when business hits.

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